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How to change your username, access number and remove the DNS entries in Windows 98 and 98SE for a connection to DONet


To begin, double-left-click on the My Computer icon located in the upper-left of your desktop to open it:

Next, double click on Dial-Up Networking

You should see a Gemair icon. (It may be named something other than Gemair)

Right-click on the Gemair icon and choose Properties.

Change the phone number to one of the new numbers. Click here for a list.

Next click on the Server Types tab at the top.

Click on the TCP/IP Settings button.

Make sure that it is set for Server assigned IP address and
Server assigned name server addresses
. The spaces for IP address and Primary DNS etc. should be grayed out.

Click OK, then OK again. You should be back at Dial-Up Networking.

Right-click on the Gemair icon and choose rename. Rename your connection Donet.

Double-click on the Donet icon.

This should bring up your Connect To box.

Remove the capital P from the beginning or the from the end of your User name.

Leave your password alone. It did not change.

Make sure the box shows the new phone number.

Click Connect to connect to DONet. One you have successfully connected, it will remember your new User name.