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GEMAIR Members Page

Important Notice

We regret to inform you that Gemair is going out of business. We have worked hard to find our members a new ISP where they will feel at home. We have arranged to move your accounts to DONet. You will be able to keep your @gemair.com email address and your pre-paid service periods will be honored. You will also benefit from the other services DONet can provide.

• Longer support hours
• User configured spam controls
Better connections to the Internet backbone
Web accelerator included with dial-up accounts
Web content filter
Better pricing
Online tools to manage your account 24/7
DSL upgrades available


Technical Support will be available on Saturday, March 25th from 10AM until 3PM.

(937) 222-0325    (877) 526-5902

All dial-up accounts are ready to be moved. Check our setup page or call tech support for assistance. Please call or email support@gemair.com once you have changed your mail server settings so we can redirect your @gemair.com email.


Get Firefox!             Get Thunderbird!

New 1.5 Versions
New 1.5 versions Firefox and Thunderbird are now available.

The improvements are worth the fairly small downloads and upgrading is very easy. We recommend you upgrade to the new versions if you are running the 1.0.x versions. If you have not tried Firefox and Thunderbird yet, now is a great time to start.


 The best in browsing

The Opera browser is now free with no ads.

More Useful Software
Free Anti-Virus Software for Windows

Cost is no longer an excuse for not running anti-virus software.
AVG Anti-Virus offers a completely free edition. For several months we have been testing this product at home and here at the office with no problems. The free edition requires some personal information including email address, but we have not received any spam from this company. There is no tech support for the free edition and GEMAIR cannot provide tech support for this product, but during installation and testing we have not found any issues that would require support. As with all software recommendations from GEMAIR, we have tried the product with no problems, but you should use it at your own risk. The company (www.grisoft.com) also offers a free trial of their Professional Edition.

Email Policy Update

If your email account is over it's specified size limit, email over 180 days old will be deleted. Please check your email program to make sure it is not set to leave messages on the server.

Free Personal Firewall for Windows
Update Links


Google Groups - Post and read comments in Usenet discussion forums




This page is for GEMAIR members so we thought we would let you tell us what you want to see here. Send your suggestions to support@gemair.com and we will try to build the page that you, the members want.