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ISDN FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does GEMAIR provide ISDN service?

GEMAIR, Inc. supports residential ISDN connections in addition to our regular dial-up accounts. In fact, your existing GEMAIR dial-up account allows you to make a 64K ISDN connection at no additional charge! We also offer the ability to upgrade to a 128K ISDN connection (that's anywhere from 2-5 times faster than your modem connection) for a low additional monthly or yearly fee.

What is ISDN?

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. This means that the line technology supports voice, data, and video over a single telephone line. This generally consists of two (2) 64K B-channels which can be used for voice or data. This means that ISDN can either be used as a 128K data line, or as a 64K data line with the other 64K channel devoted to either voice or fax service.

How do I get ISDN service?

GEMAIR only provides the internet connectivity over an already-existing ISDN line. This means that you will need to have an ISDN line installed at your location. This installation must be done by your local phone company (e.g. Ameritech, GTE, etc.). There is an installation fee, as well as a monthly fee from the telephone company for the use of this ISDN line. These fees depend on a variety of factors, but are often not much more expensive than adding an addtional telephone line to your location.
For more information, please consult your local telephone provider.

Ameritech ISDN Web Site
Ameritech ISDN Phone Number: 1-888-878-ISDN

Verizon ISDN Web Site
Verizon ISDN Phone Number: 1-800-483-4450

Once the ISDN service to your location is installed, just call GEMAIR to upgrade your service to support your new ISDN capabilities.


What equipment do I need for ISDN?

An ISDN signal must be received by a special piece of equipment called an ISDN Terminal Adapter. These can take the form of internal ISDN modems, external ISDN modems, or ISDN routers. If you only need to provide the ISDN internet connection to one computer, an ISDN modem is the most economical choice. However, if you need to provide internet connectivity to a network or just to multiple computers, an ISDN router is the way to go. ISDN modems and routers are availiable from most major computer equipment resellers. The price depends on the features desired, and the number of computers supported, but you can expect to purchase an ISDN modem for $150.00 and up, and an ISDN router for $200.00 and up.

Can I disconnect my normal phone service when I get ISDN?

Although, it is possible to use one of the ISDN channels as a phone line, it is not recommended to use this as your only phone line. The reason for this is that the ISDN line is not powered independently--devices that use it also require a connection to an electrical outlet. This means that in an electrical outage, your ISDN service will cease to function--potentially leaving you helpless to phone for help in an emergency. If you have a cell phone, this may not be the potential problem it used to be.