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How to change your username, access number and remove the DNS entries in Windows ME for a connection to DONet


Click on Start - then Settings - then Dial-Up Networking

You should see a Gemair icon. (It may be named something other than Gemair)

Right-click on the Gemair icon and choose Properties.

Change the phone number to one of the new numbers. Click here for a list.

Next click on the Networking tab at the top.

Click on the TCP/IP Settings button.

Make sure that it is set for Server assigned IP address and
Server assigned name server addresses
. The spaces for IP address and Primary DNS etc. should be grayed out.

Click OK.

Next click on the Security tab.

Remove the capital P from in front of your User name or the from the end of your User name.   

Leave your password alone. It did not change.

Click OK.

Right-click on the Gemair icon and choose rename. Rename your connection Donet.

Now you can double-click on the Donet icon and choose Connect.