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GEMAIR’s new “Refer-A-Friend” program pays a referral bonus to you every time you help to refer a friend to GEMAIR. Now you can help your friends get the same great quality, inexpensive internet service you do. And, you can make some money when you do it!


GEMAIR pays you a referral bonus of One Month of service based on the type of new account you refer. Thus, if you refer 12 friends to GEMAIR’s great residential internet service, you get a FREE YEAR of service!


GEMAIR will pay your referral bonus as a credit to your existing GEMAIR account or by a check* directly to you!

If you refer a residential account, you receive a referral bonus of $17.95!
If you refer a discounted account (such as a DMA® member), you receive a bonus of $14.95!
If you refer a non-profit organization (such as your church), you receive a bonus of $14.95!
If you refer a business, you receive a bonus of at least $22.95 and possibly much, much more!
If you refer a web site hosting customer, you receive a bonus of $25.00!
If you refer a web design customer, you receive a bonus of 10% of the total design costs!

* To receive payment by check, the referrer must be a registered member of GEMAIR’s Referral Partner program and must specifically request payment by check within 90 days of the referral.


Terms and Conditions:
1. The customer signing up for the new account must clearly state that they have been referred by a GEMAIR customer or GEMAIR Referral Program member at the time of sign-up. If no referral is noted at the time of sign-up, no referral will be paid.
2. The person or organization that you are referring to GEMAIR must not have been a GEMAIR customer of the same type (residential or business) as the new referred account within the last calendar year.
3. The bonus to be paid will be credited or paid to the referrer after a period of 90 days from the activation date of the new account.
4. If the new customer cancels service or is suspended or terminated for any reason during this 90-day period, no referral bonus will be paid.
5. GEMAIR, Inc. shall be the sole arbiter of any disputes involving this referral bonus program, and shall retain the right to alter or terminate this program at any time at it’s sole discretion.