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Adding an Image-Based Counter to your GEMAIR Web Page


Many users wish to place a web counter on their new GEMAIR web pages.  A counter allows you to track the number for visitors to your site and lets you announce to the world how popular your pages are.

GEMAIR provides a very simple way to add a counter to your page by using a CGI script which we already have running on our web servers.  To add a counter to your page, simply follow the instructions below:


1. Email the GEMAIR Technical Support Staff to request that a counter be set up for you: Include the following information in the email message: Account Name or ID # and Username

2. Wait for the return email from the GEMAIR Technical Support Staff with the code for your new counter included.

3. Paste the line of code from the return email into your "index.htm" page

Edit the code based on your own preferences by changing the arguments of the "dd=?", "ft=?", and comma=?" fields based on the examples below:


Number Format and Appearance:  (dd=?)


Frame Width:  (ft=?)


Comma Separation:


Click on the following link for instructions on how to upload files to your web site: